Ink & Penstemon

Observations on plants, gardening, & nature from the Great Basin steppe in the American West.

If you get mired in something, click on the Penstemon barbatus 'Elfin Pink' image.



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    A Blog for Mostly Local Dilettante Gardening Types

    Hi there. My name is Susan and I garden wearing a pink hat. Usually. Sometimes it’s brown.

    I began this blog because I was turning into a professional lurker. The comments I left on other people’s blogs were becoming so long it looked as though I was staging a coup. Since I entered the blogosphere, I’ve observed that most bloggers start blogging because they seek community and approval. Fortunately, the internet is profuse enough to slake most people’s thirst for recognition, yet, finding someone with a blog that is genuinely unique from all other blogs is like spotting a unicorn. This blog is not exceptional. Given what little traffic I get, I realize that only a few find this blog interesting. Though I do crave community and approval, I’m happy with carving out my own little garden niche on the web. 

    I am trying to improve my writing and it’s coming, slowly. In my professional life, I’m a printer and typographer. That being said, I don’t consider myself to be a writer, despite having written an article for Wilder Quarterly (/shameless plug).

    As for the gardening side, my garden is about five years old. It’s still  in its gawky adolescence. I’ve got bare dirt, failing plants, and weedy ground playing out in realtime. I welcome all novices and dilettante gardeners. This blog is for all of us.

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